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Център за професионално обучение

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   For the qualitative implementation of the activities in the company, the personnel qualification and training is maintained in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ordinance №6/ 89 of the Regulatory Body on the criteria and requirements to the training, qualification and capacity of the nuclear energy employees.
  • Initial and periodical instructions on safe work;
  • The training on safe work is done in compliance with the work instruction "PBR Personnel qualification maintenance";
  • Integrated management system introductory training.
  • Refreshing training of the personnel is organized and performed not less than once per year according to the changes in the Integrated management system.
  • The personnel takes part in special courses of nuclear and radiation safety and introduction to the work in a nuclear power plant;
  • Theoretical and practical preparation in qualification courses and courses for maintenance and upgrade of the personnel qualification; courses for re-training and for filling of the respective job position;
  • Crane operators and rigging workers are instructed according to the Ordinance for safe work and technical supervision;
  • We perform courses in re-qualification of welders, crane operators, electrical and motor car drivers;
  • We certify and license our welders in compliance with the regulatory documents;
  • The NDT technicians training is organized and done by licensed training centers.

   The Center for vocational training at Atomenergoremont Plc Kozloduy is licensed by NAVET (National Agency for Vocational Education and Training) with license № 201012845 for performance and certification of vocational training with acquiring of a professional qualification degree in the following professions and specializations:
  • The center for vocational training implements vocational training of persons who have reached 16 years of age, for acquiring of a qualification in a profession, or in part of a profession, as well as its development.
  • The training is performed by qualified teachers - specialists from AER, with many years of service and experience in the training in accordance with the Bulgarian and European requirements and standards for this.
  • The practical training is conducted in:
- Education-production bases and laboratories of Atomenergoremont Plc, Kozloduy;
- Other centres for vocational training in Republic of Bulgaria and abroad;
- Bases of other educational institutions;
- Education-production bases at companies of legal entities and physical persons.

  • Profession "Machine technician", code 521010
            - Specialization "Machines and systems with CNC", code 5210105 - 3-rd qualification degree
  • Profession "Machine operator", code 521030
            - Specialization "Machines for hot processing of metals", code 5210302 - 2-nd qualification degree
            - Specialization "Machines and equipment for welding", code 5210303 - 2-nd qualification degree
  • Profession "Welder", code 521090
            - Specialization "Welding", code 5210901 - 1-st qualification degree
  • Profession "Turner", code 521100
            - Specialization "Turnery", code 5211001 - 1-st qualification degree
  • Profession "Millwright", code 521110
            - Specialization "Millwrighting", code 5211101 - 1-st qualification degree
  • Profession "Construction worker", code 582030
            - Specialization "Construction tinwork", code 5820311 - 2-nd qualification degree
  • Profession "Civil and Construction worker", code 582040
            - Specialization "Steel Structures", code 5820402 - 2-nd qualification degree
            - Specialization "Insulations in the construction work", code 5820405 - 2-nd qualification degree
  • Profession "Fitter of lifting-transportation machinery", code 525060
            - Specialization "Lifting-transportation machinery, fitted on road transportation vehicles", code 5250601 - 2-nd qualification degree
            - Specialization "Lifting-transportation machinery with electrical powering", code 5250602 - 2-nd qualification degree