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   As a supplier of industrial services, "Atomenergoremont" PLC is aware of the potential impact on the nature and strongly engages itself with the protection of the environment in every possible way. In fact, when it is a matter of the environment, we believe that success comes only when there is zero impact on the nature and humanity.
    The protection of the environment is a highest priority for the management of "Atomenergoremont" PLC.

     "Atomenergoremont" PLC, Kozloduy town, has adopted an Integrated System for Management ( ISM ), corresponding to the requirements of the international standards: ISO 9001  ;  ISO 14001  ;  BS OHSAS 18001 ; BDS EN ISO/IEC 17020.

    For implementation of these priorities, the management has developed, adopted and maintains a system for control of the environment, corresponding to the international standard ISO 14001 : 2004

   That is why we have developed a number of measures and a plan for the activities on protection of the environment, including an informed choice of materials, reduction of the wastes at any time and practicing of effective control on the energy.

Main priorities are:

  • Continuous improvement and prevention of the pollution by adoption of general and specific goals and programs;
  • Control over the usage of the natural resources, necessary for performance of the production activities by the company;
  • Control of the evaluated aspects of the environment, related to the air, water, soil, personnel and society;
  • Maintenance of conformity with the normative requirements on protection of the environment, having relation to activities, processes and products of the organization and their aspects;
  • Provision of the necessary resources for adoption of the policy on protection of the environment;
  • Ensuring the understanding, adoption and maintenance of the policy on the environment on all levels in the company.