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  Repair and restoration of main turbine equipment, including: turbines, steam distribution and  regulation system, flow section, shaft axis line, bearings, oil systems, condensers, etc.;

    Repair and restoration of auxiliary equipment, including: valves, pipelines, pumps, vessels, heat exchangers, support-hanger systems, etc.;

    Repair of generators, electric motors up to and above 1kV, electrolysers and other types of electric equipment;               

   Transformers up to 400 kV (with and without built-in protection and control devices);
   Diagnostics and repair of power oil transformers, measuring transformers, etc.;

    Chromatographic analysis of dissolved gasses;

    Fabrication and repair of tanks, heat exchangers, barrels;

    Manufacturing and erection of steel structures;

    Repair and manufacturing of pressure vessels, rotating grids, filters, etc.;

    Repair and service of load-lifting facilities;

    Manufacturing of non-standard equipment, spare parts, assemblies and facilities;

    Performance of projects on reconstructions and modernizations;

    Repair of power equipment in factory conditions;

    Repair and replacement of  thermal  insulation,  steel sheet lagging;

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