Auxiliary equipment shop

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   "Auxiliary equipment shop" (Ts. S. O.) was created in 1974 with the following main activity: to organize and perform repair and restoration of auxiliary equipment - valves, pipelines, pump units, pressure vessels (heat exchangers), support-hanger systems, etc.
"Pump units and facilities" sector

    Inspection, repair and alignment of pump units (centrifugal, displacement, axial) in TPP and NPP
    Performance of overhaul of pump units, including mainly:
  -  inspection and repair of radial and axial journal bearings
  -  lathing and welding-on of propellers of pump units
  -  alignment of pump units with precision up to 0.03 mm

   "Inspection and repair of valves" sector

   1. Installation and dismantling of valves
   2. Inspection and repair of stop valves
        - globe valves
        - gate valves
        - tap valves
control valves
        - regulators
        - butterfly valves
safety valves
        - spring valves and pulse valves
Fabrication of steel structures by methods of welding: MAG TIG MMAW
Fabrication, repair and installation of movable louvers