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    The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (created in 1895) is an independent, non-govern mental association for support, encouragement, representation and protection of the business inter-
ests of its members, contributing to the development of the interna tional economic cooperation and providing assistance for the European and international integration of Republic of Bulgaria.  BCCI strives for establishment of correct and ethical relationships among the business-circles
Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Vratsa was created in 1982 as a non-profit association, whose members can be Bulgarian and foreign legal entities and able-bodied physical persons, who perform economic activity.
   The association "BULGARIAN ATOMIC FORUM" (BULATOM), established in the month of June 2001,  is a non-governmental organization, whose members are engineering and construction firms,                 firms which are suppliers of equipment, and physical persons who are experts in the field of nuclear power production.
    Association "Club 9000" set the beginning of its activity in 1991.
    While completing its goals, through the years the Association continued its development, as it naturally encompassed with its activities also the other, related to ISO 9000, standards and modern practices in all of their diversity - systems for control of the environment ISO 14000, systems for safe and healthy work conditions OHSAS 18000, systems for management of the information security  ISO 17799, systems HACCP, AQAP, GMP, other good practices, integrated systems for management, which acquire increasing contemporary importance for the business and the society.

   The Bulgarian Construction Chamber (KSB) is a legal entity, established on the basis of the Law for the construction chamber (State Gazette, issue 108/ December 29, 2006). The Bulgarian Construction Chamber is an independent, voluntary, professional association and it is an official representative of the constructors in Bulgaria. Members of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber are 1689 legal entities,  16 educational institutions and 7 non-profit associations. The membership in the Chamber is implemented through 27 regional representations in the country.

The main goals of the Chamber are:

    identification and transparency of the activity of the persons, who perform construction;
    improvement of the management of the construction activity and increasing of the responsibility of the constructor for the quality of completion of the construction sites;
    protection of the interests of the consumers of construction services;
    elevation of the authority and increasing of the qualification of its members.